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Writing Success for
All Students, with
Assistive Technology


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Interactive Hands-On Workshops and Training for Parents and Educators in Chicago NW Suburbs

Assistive technology can be powerful,  effective, motivating and FUN. 

Join our fun and interactive hands-on training sessions.

Learn how you can help your children and students become motivated to write and improve their writing, so they can show what they know, and achieve at their full potential!

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Training and Workshops for

parents, therapists, and educators.

(Dates and locations to be announced.)

By Bridgette Nicholson

Occupational Therapist
Assistive Technology Consultant


Learn about exciting technologies and strategies that will allow each child to write at their full cognitive potential!

  • All methods of writing production - handwriting, typing, voice recording, speech recognition. 

  • The importance of multiple methods of writing production.

  • Multisensory, kinesthetic, rhythm and sound approach to typing training. 

  • Typing training based on hand function development.

  • Powerful technology tools and strategies - find out about the most effective ideas with current technologies.

  • Important aspects related to teaching writing, such as physical setup, environment, sensory needs, vision, flexible seating and positioning, no-tech. or light-tech. for writing. 

  • Data - how to efficiently and easily collect and use data for

    • progress monitoring and

    • making wise decisions for therapy and educational approaches aimed at helping students write at their best levels.

  • The data collection system being presented in this webinar applies to all students, regardless of language, age, grade level, or cognitive level.

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Hands-On Workshops are provided on-site for school districts and organizations. 

Please email me for more information.

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