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Artificial Intelligence for Learning


AI is here to stay! It is a rapidly developing technology that will alter the landscape of technology, education, and many other aspects of life. As educators and parents, it is essential that we remain current. We must be aware of what is happening in the field. We need to know what other people are doing. Adults and children alike interact with AI on a daily basis. Our responsibility is to implement the use of AI wisely in our educational programs. The content of this course takes a very specific approach. We will provide the following highly specific structure in this course: 1. DAILY CURRENT AND RELEVANT NEWS We will present the most current, relevant, and timely news on this vital topic. 2. RESEARCH AS IT HAPPENS We will present the research, including both existing research and new publications, as they become available. The research will be summarized so that it is applicable and usable. 3. ESSENTIAL ONGOING DISCUSSIONS We will have regular online meetings and conversations to learn from one another and express our concerns and insights. 4. AI IS A COMPLETE CONTINUUM, NOT A SINGLE PROGRAM Specific strategies and programs will be presented in this course. 5. AI CAN HELP OR HINDER LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT NO approach to education is complete without taking the WHOLE child into account! We will discuss how AI and AT fit into a wider plan for assisting children to grow, develop, and achieve their full potential!


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