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A Developmental Approach to Teaching Handwriting


This course provides: The full Developmental Approach Program AND All teaching and training materials for your students ages 2-12 Overview of Course Content: A Body-Up Approach to teaching handwriting Body-Brain integration as a strong foundation for developing writing skills Sensory motor strategies for developing the motor skills needed for mechanical methods of writing production A 10-stage approach to teaching handwriting, from scribbling all the way to creating paragraphs for writing 2 Pre-Recorded Webinars Over 13 Tutorial and training videos Over 13 Slide shows Worksheets for students - hundreds of pages of worksheets Multimedia teaching materials Posters for the classroom, visual reference information for adults and children Step-by-step overview reference poster for the full program Concrete / Easy Data collection system - Online, free access for any number of students Research and supporting documentation - Reference to many research studies and review documents. Research summaries and links to full research are provided on slides and videos. $50 for 6-month access.


DevWriting 6 months, $50.00



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