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Maximizing Children's Writing Potential


Course Description: Writing is an essential life skill children need to develop and learning to write is complex. Children need to be able to write efficiently so they can: - Show what they know - Record their thoughts, ideas, and information - Document their opinions, feelings, and memories It is important for students to produce writing and information using a variety of means. There are 5 methods of producing writing and recording information. If children learn how to use each of these methods, they have a variety of options to write to their maximum potential and to record what is on their minds. Sometimes, methods of writing production can slow children down, or even stop them from writing what they really want to record or what they have in their brains. We need to teach children different and effective methods of showing what they know so they can reach their highest potential in writing and learning. In these webinars we will cover the 5 methods of writing or recording information: Drawing Handwriting Typing Voice Recording Speech Recognition


MaxWriting 6 months, $20.00



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