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6 online sessions for student participation and learning. 


This is a course designed to help children with all aspects of the writing process.


  • Sessions designed to motivate and encourage students.

  • Practical information with technology, and non-tech. ideas and information. 

  • A step-by-step, scaffolded approach. 

This is a pilot program. It will be a virtual, online program. The first one is being offered to a select group of students at no cost so that we can evaluate the effectiveness of the program. We ask that you (parent or guardian) are fully involved and provide the feedback that we need.

Parent participation is required for all online sessions.

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Students will need two devices for this program:
1. One device for the Zoom call (this will be a group session - students and parents can see each other and talk to the group)
2. Another device (with keyboard and camera) for doing the writing activities. 

To participate in this program the parent/guardian will need to sign a consent form.

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I will be running this program together with two of my colleagues:


  • Mrs. Marcelle Niehaus
    (Occupational Therapist, living and working in South Africa)

  • Mrs. Alison Soutter
    (Speech and Language Therapist, living and working in the UK)

  • and me, Bridgette Nicholson,
    (Occupational Therapist, living and working in the USA).

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Dates to be announced

Time is the same on all dates

  • 10AM   USA Central

  • 4PM  UK

  • 5PM  SA

(Sorry we couldn't accommodate all time zones, but will be running more sessions later) 

There are 6 sessions, approximately 45 minutes each.

Times are USA CDT / UTC -5. These sessions below are for those who have signed up already. There are no more spots available for these sessions listed above. 

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Training by Bridgette Nicholson

Occupational Therapist
Assistive Technology Consultant

Bridgette Nicholson has been an occupational therapist and assistive technology consultant for over 32 years. She provides consultation services for school districts in the field of assistive technology for students with special needs, for both high and low incidence students. Services and training have included presentations on a variety of topics related to assistive technology and Universal Design for Learning for school districts, organizations, and conferences. She develops informational websites and online tools for educators and students in general and special education.