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Measuring the Effectiveness of Sensory Strategies for All Students

Learning Objectives:

  • After this webinar course, participants will be able to identify key research and evidence-based principles that support the need for movement and rhythm in children’s development and learning.


  • After this webinar course, participants will be able to list 3 strategies to include highly structured movement and sound into children’s school day and academic learning

  • After this webinar course, participants will be able to identify methods of practical and easy-to-use data collection  to evaluate the effectiveness of implementing the specific strategies and approaches presented


Occupational Therapists

Physical Therapists

Speech and Language Pathologists





Introduction: (3 min)

Research: (8 min)

Sensory Challenges: (13 min)

Movement and Sound: (13 min)

Rhythm: (10 min)

Effective Technology: (10 min)

Closing / Q&A: (3 min)



Interactive Participation



Refund provided. If you are unable to attend/view the recording


A child's ability to regulate themselves and their executive function skills are essential life skills in school and in all environments.

We should be incorporating practical and effective strategies to help children develop self regulation and executive functioning skills for children in their everyday lives.

How do we know if the strategies we are using are effective in the short and the long term? 

Assistive and educational technology have expanded to offer learners more opportunities and options for learning. Students now have access to many more technology-based learning opportunities than ever before. Children have powerful learning tools available in their hands even with the simplest and most basic hand-held technologies and phones.


More technology for learning is not the answer, as we have seen with remote learning where more use of technology has not resulted in improved grades or skills over the last two years.

In this webinar, we will review evidence supporting the effectiveness of implementing sensory regulation into children's daily lives as an important basis for effective learning. The focus will be on incorporating strategies that will be effective in the classroom to help all students with sensory regulation before and during academic activities.

This webinar will focus on research that clearly indicates that sensory-based approaches are essential for children with special needs in the classroom. We will also present practical and effective strategies that educators can implement into their classrooms to help students with sensory regulation and self-control. 

There will be a strong focus on the need to monitor progress with practical, easy-to-use ideas to determine which sensory strategies really make a difference.


Join us for a FUN and FAST-MOVING webinar with:

Lots of information

Evidence-based, practical ideas

Tools that you can use immediately


DATE:  Tuesday, October 18, 2022

TIME:  11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Central Daylight Time (UTC-5)


PRICE: $20

CEU's not offered

Live Zoom Webinar

Webinar Recording (in case you can't attend)

Webinar Slides and all resource materials

What you will get for signing up:

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Financial Disclosure: Fee for webinar, no other financial disclosures


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Please contact me for information about Full-day Workshops and Training
847 638 2895

Bridgette Nicholson has been an occupational therapist and assistive technology consultant for over 34 years.


Previously, she provided consultation services for school districts in the field of assistive technology for students with special needs, for both high and low-incidence students.


Services and training have included presentations on a variety of topics related to assistive technology and Universal Design for Learning for school districts, organizations, and conferences.


She now develops informational websites and online tools for educators and students in general and special education. In addition, she provides training and interactive workshops on the topic of Powerful Strategies for Optimal Learning with Brain-Body Integration and Technology for Learning.  

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