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Assistive Technology Writing Tools and Strategies Database (Beta)


The database is focused on strategies and ideas about how technology can be used effectively to help children with their writing. 

The list of needs allows users to search for products and strategies based on their children's specific needs. 

The list on the right of this page is a simple, basic list of the main problems children experience related to writing challenges. 

When entering information, select only those needs that are specifically addressed by the tool or strategy being entered. 

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This database has been set up for anyone to use. It is freely available for people to view information about writing tools and strategies and also to enter information. It is specifically designed for teachers, parents or any other adults working with students who have special needs. There are many links to other websites, resources and other information pages on the Internet. I have set up the structure of this database and I will moderate to the best of my ability to make sure that the information in this website is accurate and appropriate for this database. However, I am not responsible for the information in the database or for the websites or links that the data links to outside of the database. While the effort will be made to make this a useful and accurate database, I assume no responsibility for the content.



  • Focus and concentration

  • Memory



  • Motivation and interest

  • Confidence



  • Posture 

  • Endurance/strength

  • Pencil grip

  • Fine motor coordination 

  • Motor planning

  • Writing speed


  • Visual acuity 

  • Visual perception

  • Visual tracking for editing


  • Spelling and mechanics

  • Grammar

  • Punctuation

  • Idea generation

  • Organization of thoughts and concepts

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