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Assistive Technology for
Effective Writing
Unique Tools and Strategies for Students with Special Learning Needs

Webinars for

parents, therapists, and educators.

By Bridgette Nicholson

Occupational Therapist
Assistive Technology Consultant

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Many students are not able to produce writing that matches their cognitive levels, their ability to learn or their creative skills. So often, kids have wonderful information, ideas and creativity, but are not able to write or record that information.


If students use appropriate technology tools and alternate methods of writing, they have the potential to write more effectively and in ways that match the information in their brain. Also, given varied writing projects and a range of reasons for writing, the process of recording information can become a more independent, interesting and motivating process for kids who have struggled for years.


I will be providing webinars which cover the use of exciting new ideas for using technology to improve writing and to help kids become more confident with their writing and learning. 

Information about data collection and how data helps drive decision making and training will be presented. 

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