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Writing Success for

All Students, with

Assistive Technology


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Webinars present powerful and proven strategies to help children write at their full potential. 


Webinar - 30 minutes

Audio, rhythm, and kinesthesia for typing training

Using rhythm and sound are research based methods of improving kinesthesia and motor planning. Learn about a system that incorporates varied sounds and sound effects to teach repetitive movements for effective typing training. 

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Webinar - 30 minutes

A 'Hand-Function' approach to teaching keyboarding

This is a developmental approach to helping children with keyboarding. Children's hand function develops with finger and fine motor control of the radial (thumb) side of the hand first. The radial fingers are always the most controlled. Ulnar (little finger side) fingers are generally less skilled. This mini webinar introduces strategies to help develop automaticity and efficiency of typing based on children's hand function and development.

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Webinar - 90 minutes

The 4 methods of writing production

Students should have multiple methods to show what they know. Writing should be a multi-sensory and multi-modal method of recording information. This webinar will present each method of writing production, together with the technology tools and strategies to help children become more functional and effective writers with the methods that work best for them.

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Webinar - 90 minutes

Evaluation of Writing Production Methods

A highly structured and data-based approach to evaluation of the most effective writing production methods for each child.


Hands-On Workshops are provided on-site for school districts and organizations. 

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about webinars

Training by Bridgette Nicholson

Occupational Therapist
Assistive Technology Consultant

Bridgette Nicholson has been an occupational therapist and assistive technology consultant for 32 years. She provides consultation services for school districts in the field of assistive technology for students with special needs, for both high and low incidence students. Services and training have included presentations on a variety of topics related to assistive technology and Universal Design for Learning for school districts, organizations, and conferences. She develops informational websites and online tools for educators and students in general and special education.

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