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On-Demand Webinars & Comprehensive Courses

By Bridgette Nicholson

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Artificial Intelligence for Learning

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A Developmental Approach to Teaching Handwriting


Evaluating Writing with All Methods of Production


The Rhythmic Movement Sensory Regulation Program

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Setting up Environments for Success


Maximizing Children's Writing Potential


A ​Hand-Function Sensory Approach to Teaching Typing


Creative Prewriting Strategies

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Bridgette Nicholson
Occupational Therapist
Assistive Technology Consultant

Bridgette Nicholson is a highly experienced Occupational Therapist and Assistive Technology Consultant with over 36 years of experience. She has worked extensively with school districts, organizations, and conferences, providing valuable consultation, training, and presentations. Bridgette is known for her interactive, fast-paced workshops that are designed for educators, therapists, teachers, and parents. These 1 and 2-day workshops cover a wide range of topics, including evidence-based practice, research, progress monitoring, Universal Design for Learning, and powerful research-based strategies for classrooms and schools.

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