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Programs and Environments for Success

Sensory Regulation, Executive Function, and Technology Integration

within Active and Engaging Learning Environments

Professional Development for K-12 Special Education

for Teachers, Therapists, Educators

Bridgette Nicholson Headshots 2022-14_ed
  • Interactive and Collaborative 1 or 2-day Workshops

  • Fast moving, with Hands-on, experiential activities and exercises

  • Focus on Research supported Body-Brain Integration and Body-Up approach

  • Sensory Regulation and Executive function as essential foundational skills

  • Essential Technologies for Fundamental Academic Skills

  • Implementing Technology Strategies into sensory rich, dynamic learning environments

  • Existing Research and Evidence-Based Strategies

  • Data Collection and Progress Monitoring

Fill out the form if you are interested in 1 or 2 day workshops for your school / organization:
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