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The Rhythmic Movement Sensory Regulation Program
by Bridgette Nicholson

Marcelle N.

Occupational Therapist / South Africa

I am an occupational therapist working in South Africa. I absolutely love using the BodyBrainTech Rhythmic Movement and Sensory Regulation program with children in class settings as well as in individual therapy. The videos are engaging and appeal to children of different ages and abilities and they benefit greatly from them while having fun!


I also use the Daily Beats program frequently when we have no power. We have daily load shedding (power cuts for multiple hours) in South Africa and I cannot use video when we have no power. However, the daily beats program can be used easily with my phone and a portable speaker in the classroom. This is also ideal for schools in underprivileged areas where they don't have technical facilities and support.


Thank you Bridgette for an amazing program!

Lana M.

Pediatric Occupational Therapist / London

I am a pediatric OT working in London, UK.


Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for your wonderful rhythmical videos that are really supporting my therapy sessions and the class teachers whom I recommend the videos to.


I also wondered whether it would be possible to have access to a playlist of just the music to play on a stereo for a school's sensory circuits. 


(For example, a playlist he FUNK music video in BodyBrainTech).

Nancy C.

1st Grade Teacher / Berwyn, IL

Hi Bridgette!


It was so great meeting you yesterday! I truly enjoyed your writing session. Since I was absent yesterday, it was a difficult day for my first graders to get back into the daily groove. It was just as difficult for me, too! Anyway, I tried this movement break today before math to get back on track (because I was having anxiety from the madness) and IT WORKED!! Not only did my students and I love it, but ALL of the students received a 100% on their math exit ticket. I was amazed! Thanks so much! I will definitely continue to incorporate these little breaks throughout my day. 

Shereen I.

Speech and Language Pathologist-  India

It’s going really good. When 10mins of music and movements has been done, I have children who’s 

  1. Attention and focus have improved

  2. Visual perception has gotten better 

  3. Handwriting moved from hand over hand to independent writing

  4. Handwriting moved from big movements to more controlled movements

  5. Non-speaking children who are all able to make better oral movements and speech 

These are some of the changes we have seen over the past few months. It’s quite exciting! 😊

Nicole S.

Parent of two kids

Not every single day but my girls love the new videos and the longer ones! Improved concentration with their homeschool work. They need work on integration of certain primitive reflexes, I love that you have some videos for that.

Darla N.

Occupational Therapist

I loved using the Rhythmic Movement Program with my students at school.  They were perfect because of the video model and the added visuals and clear rhythmic sounds! Thank you so much!

Listen to some of the users of the Rhythmic Movement Sensory Regulation Program

Bridget H.

Occupational Therapist

Teachers I work with in their classes are saying the kids love them! Teachers are reporting they have less energy and fidget less.

Maureen W.

Occupational Therapist / USA

I have used these a lot in telehealth and kids love them. For some I even had to slow down the video a little until they got it and then could increase it. 

Jeanine F.

Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist / Lebanon

I used it with students with Cerebral Palsy and students with ADHD

  1. Students have better concentration and coordination

  2. Before, they write slowly but now they can read and write a lot better because they can focus more after doing the RM videos before every activity

  3. Students are loving all the videos, and they are happy when they are doing it.

  4. ADHD students have problems with concentration more than writing so Rhythmic Movement can help them concentrate

  5. My students became more clever and active in class because of the program.

  6. Rhythmic Movement videos attracted my students' attention when used before the activities, the videos kept them focused and energized all throughout the activities.

Sabrina R.

Occupational Therapist / New York

I have been using your program almost daily and my students love it. The rhythm especially affects my students with ADHD, dyspraxia, and ASD. I have incorporated directionality into your videos with the students calling up "left, right, up, down, push, pull). I find this is truly instilling their sense of directionality as well as other components.

Fiona P.

Occupational Therapist / South Africa

I used it with a boy age 5 years attending preschool diagnosed with ASD (severe). He has difficulty with doing table top activities due to decreased attention and concentration. He sits for 1 min only and is always on the move. He is also a sensory-seeking child.


  1. He has been more responsive to tabletop activities as well as more calm to respond to instructions.

  2. Child sitting tolerance improved after rhythmic/exercise activities

Olga S.

Physical Education Teacher

This is AMAZING!! When are you going to complete the SPACE lesson? Can't wait to see the slides 8-10 !!! I'm a PE teacher Kg-1 - Gr .5 The kids are enjoying your videos. We are currently in a remote learning. So your program is really suitable for our situation right now. It's so much FUN!!! YES!!! I'm in love with them!!! Thank you sooo much !!! Awesome job!!!

Rita T.

Occupational Therapist / USA

I use these everyday. I cannot thank you enough.

Lindsey J.

Highschool Teacher / IL

Thank you for sharing. I briefly looked at them and so far I love the simplicity and the stopping of movement too. I think it helps with registration of the sensation.

Heather M.


Thank you! My kids all love these videos!!! I love the ones that really synch with the music best!!!

Sara D.

Physical Therapist / USA

Thank you so much for all your videos! I’ve been using them and I’ve really noticed that a lot of my students have difficulty staying on beat or transitioning from their stationary/rest pose to move in time. I’m curious how you document different performances with these exercises.

Esther B.

Occupational Therapist

I love your resources!!


I had my 13 yr old non-verbal student with CVI and ASD using paint melody app. He loves it!!


And today played movement videos from your Bodybraintech YouTube page for my elementary students!

I'm enjoying searching all those videos!! Fantastic and wide array!!


I did sign up and am in the FB group!


I will register for your next webinar this week!!

Julie H.

Occupational Therapist / Professor

Hi Bridgette, your new is great! Thank you so much for sharing. I was wondering if you could do some of these using an adult to work on body and brain movements. I agree with your video that you relaxation ones are also good. I am about to start working with a group of post covid patients and I think these short videos would be great for them but would like to have an adult doing these movements and some can be standing and some seated. Post covid patients are having a lot of endurance difficulty and brain fog and mental health issues. Thank you

Deb W.

Occupational Therapist / USA

I absolutely love all of your videos. I’ve been sharing them with all my school teams that this is an OT‘s version of GoNoodle that is way better, as it is much more regulating and focusing working on bilateral integration, timing, regulation etc.

Sue L.


My grandkids are loving it up right now

Sarah O.

Occupational Therapist

Thank you for sharing!!! I have used them twice. I also like that they are inclusive to race as I feel that helps my client follow

Fatima C.

Occupational Therapist / Lebanon

A lot of fun and I love the beat very effective.

Michele G.

Occupational Therapist

The bodybraintech website. Amazing info! Wonderful tool to use!

OTKids Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapist

I am loving using this with my kiddos, Would love to keep recommending using them outside my sessions.

Kristen H.

Pediatric Occupational Therapist

Hi Bridgette I am a pediatric OT and watched your webinar last week and wanted to let you know that I tried out your rhythmic writing video of letter D with a child I’m working with yesterday and he really liked it and was asking me to do more letters, so wanted to provide this feedback to you. I would love if you made more letter videos like this one. Thanks for all your hard work in creating these resources!

Chris A.

Occupational Therapist

I use your videos weekly in my sessions! Love them!

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