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Comparison of speech recognition programs (brief summary comparison)

This is a quick summary of the differences between speech recognition on different platforms. I am so excited about the opportunities that speech recognition is providing for everyone! It is not only beneficial for students with special needs. It really is helpful for everyone who needs to write. However, it is especially helpful for people who have difficulty with writing. The speech technologies field is changing rapidly and I'm hoping to provide useful information to educators and parents, and students themselves, so that they can make use of these technology tools effectively.

A short while ago I posted about the amazing voice control options on the new Apple operating systems. I had many people asking me about the differences between these new features and the already available speech recognition options. This is a quick table that I have put together. I am still working on it but since so many people were asking I thought I would post it now. Check back for additional information in a few days.

(Best viewed on larger screen)

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