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Effective Writing with AI - Artificial Intelligence

AI is here to stay and it's one of the fastest-changing technologies out there. It's set to impact how we work more than any other tech since computers first came into our lives. Our digital world is changing quickly, and AI should play a key role in education. It could change the way we teach and learn, especially for those of us who are therapists, teachers, and educators. Most importantly, we need to figure out how to use AI for good, particularly for effective learning for our kids.

In this tutorial, I'll discuss how you can use the Power Chat AI Android app with Google Docs and Google Sheets to set up an effective writing activity for students that includes word bars.

I'm focusing on Power Chat AI because it provides a simple option for both voice input and voice output, built right into the app. The app is unique and user-friendly, without a lot of complicated features. Plus, the ability for speech output is smoothly integrated, which can be especially beneficial for kids who face learning challenges.

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