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WEBINAR SERIES: Writing Success for All Students

More dates to be announced

All times are USA CDT / UTC -5   Each session is repeated 4 times because of different time zones and high demand, if the one you want is full, please choose another date. 

Session 1


Information about the series and ongoing support

Concepts and Approaches for Improving Writing

Social-Emotional aspects  

Short term plans and long-term planning

Progress Monitoring - Baseline data and ongoing data

Data as a basis for evaluation and decision making

Practical projects in the series of webinars - student involvement in this part of the webinar

(fun, practical, and useful writing training activities for your children to do at home online and on paper)

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Session 2


How do you know what approaches, strategies and tools work best for your child

What systems have the best potential to help?

How do you know where to start with using technology?

What is the best plan over time? 

How do you evaluate if the child is making sufficient progress?

Find out about an evaluation system that:

Works for ALL students of all ages and levels

Is online and can be used at home or at school

Can be used over years to help with short-term and long-term planning and intervention

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Session 3


Learn about tools and strategies to help your children write more efficiently, effectively and independently. 

  • Handwriting - strategies and ideas that can make a big difference

  • Typing - a hand-function approach to typing training, together with sound and rhythm makes for a highly effective method of training

  • Voice recording and speech recognition are some of the most effective and yet underutilized methods of writing

See technology tools and how they can be used in an ongoing data-based approach to improving writing in the long term. 

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Session 4


The final and 4th in a series of webinars about writing. 

A wrap-up of the series. Were you able to try some of the strategies, technology tools, and ideas that were discussed in the previous webinars? 

How do you plan for a structured approach to improving writing and helping your children reach their own highest level of independent writing? What is a long-term approach? What initial data have you taken and how do you start with small successes and build on those successes while helping children develop confidence and motivation for writing? 

Let's explore all of those questions together. I will share ideas and would love to get ideas and input from all of you too. Let's learn from each other. 

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Training by Bridgette Nicholson

Occupational Therapist
Assistive Technology Consultant

Bridgette Nicholson has been an Occupational Therapist and Assistive Technology Consultant for over 34 years. She has provided direct services and consultation to school districts and organizations focusing on assistive technology, occupational therapy, and Universal Design for Learning. Currently, her focus is on the provision of intensive training for school district staff, educators, and parents on the need for full-classroom instructional programs. Programs include sensory-regulation and approaches in combination with highly effective technology use. In addition, focus is on the critical need for data-based decision-making for ongoing planning and effective implementation of strategies that work!

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